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holo on the radio

November 24, 2009|

Just managed to get hold of a copy of the BBC Radio Leeds interview from earlier this month, so if you missed it on the day, you can listen to [...]

holo in the metro

November 10, 2009|

Further to the holo's appearance in the metro today, 10th Nov 2009, p.27 metro holo article a holo has been sent to London special delivery to maybe feature on Angela [...]

holo’s gaining media coverage!

November 6, 2009|

Recent media coverage includes an article in the Ilkley Gazette, thursday , october 22, 2009, and also a live interview on BBC Radio Leeds with Graham Liver, saturday october 24, 2009. I will add [...]

Come and try it out!

October 22, 2009|

If you live locally to Ilkley, there will be a chance to come and try out the holo for yourself on Monday  26th October from 10am til noon at 'photography', [...]

holo – here it is….

October 15, 2009|

A new product has arrived in the world of pregnancy comfort. Invented by Emma Benson, mother of Olivia, 5 and Amelie, 3  it has been a long time in the [...]

holo – the lilo with a hole

October 15, 2009|

holo - the lilo with a hole, for pregnant or sensitive tummies, before you couldn't lie on your tummy and now you can! Use on land or water, [...]


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